Hear what past travelers have to say…

“Peru – what to say… it was impeccable…Gregg being the most brilliant, kind, generous, wise of any speaker, author…there is on the planet…I just love his work, and I love the wholesomeness of who he is – walking the walk and talking the talk is a rarity often… he seems to do all.. and his generous sharing of the wisdom, his material, his time and energy is astounding…”
…Chris Hooper

“Outstanding and informative, Gregg was tremendous…I grasp at words to explain how tremendous this experience has been.”
…Tom Whitman

“The highlights of the travel program were the ease of the travel, the people/travelers and the staff and facilities were amazing!…This whole trip came at a point in my life that is shifting and uplifting (a change in consciousness). The people and places were all amazing and felt on many levels – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt very supported and cared for, very well informed, very well guided to great places and paired with a great roommate!…I have been so moved and honored to be in the presence of so many wonderful people. Thank you for the opportunity.”
…Marisa Cazzaniga

“Gregg has much wisdom and has a remarkable way, making even the most complex concepts so easy to understand. He is an amazing teacher, really incredible. The staff is wonderful. Everything worked like clockwork. I was very impressed. I think everyone on the tour had a remarkable experience. Gregg’s kindness and attention to all of the participants was very touching and appreciated. Also, his knowledge is superior on the Incan time system and culture among so many other things.”
…Diane Williams

“Thank you, Gregg, for providing me this big opportunity of experiencing this wonderful country and for your care…everything was top-organized.”
…Petra Baur-Degenhart

“There was great attention to detail by Gregg Braden…First class all the way, the trip, the guides, and my whole experience was tremendous. Thank you. I am so very grateful.”
…Catherine Whelton

“Gregg’s personal attention to the tour really helped make this tour excellent… Highlights of this travel program are definitely the sights, but they were made exceptional by Gregg’s knowledge and passion about those places. He helped make those places come alive…I was very impressed with all the attention to detail and the selection of places to visit and experience…Everything worked out like clockwork. The staff was very helpful.”
…Barbara Neblitt

“Organized, clear, audio-visuals were illustrative…Informative and loved the scientific and spiritual orientation…The integrity and conscientiousness of staff, the attention to detail with regard to focus on sites of spiritual significance around the world, and the thoughtful attention paid to safety and comfort…This has been a magnificent journey.”
…Alisa Dennis

“One of the best trips I’ve ever taken…The office staff was always incredibly helpful and responsive…The onsite staff did a great job of making this trip perfect. They were always there to add value to everyone’s experience…The highlights…were Gregg Braden’s seminars. That made the trip extraordinary… I would travel in the future because of the spiritual emphasis of the tours and the professional staff (office and field).”
…Vicki Hollub

“Everything was very well organized and all the staff is very knowledgeable, loving and caring! Thanks for a lifetime experience.”
…Tina Wust-Senft

“The highlights of this travel program were meeting Mr. Braden and experiencing everything with him and his staff always right behind us…The whole trip was an experience of a lifetime…I will carry this with me the rest of my life. I feel as though I can’t answer these questions enough in writing. My heart is forever changed.”
…Anthony Papale

“Sunset ceremony at Pisa, Stargate were experiences of a lifetime… It seemed as if the itinerary of this trip synchronized into my personal journey…There was a perfect balance between a unique hands-on traveling (or more so legs), less tourist attractions and the class of accommodations, which was very comforting after each journey.”
…Denny Ashkenazi

“Gregg Braden was wonderful and well prepared… I love the spiritual component of the tours which helped me to access deep spaces in my heart as I connected to ancient mystery sites…Great Job! Loved Gregg and loved the staff who facilitated things in a flawless way.”
…Robin Johnson

“I learned many new things that will stay in my heart long after leaving Peru. I would travel in the future because I had the most profound experiences in my life thus far…Keep impacting the lives of others through these wonderful trips!”
…Natalie Orris