April 11-24, 2022


Gregg will be providing an in-depth seminar daily throughout
this unique travel program both at the hotels and on-site.

“The Mystery and Meaning of Ancient Peru”


Day 1, Apr. 11, Mon.: Today travel to the East Coast for your international flight to Lima, Peru. Check-in for your flight. (NOTE: International participants, inquire about our Deluxe Land Only travel package.)

The Sacred Valley
The Sacred Valley of the ancient Incas

Day 2, Apr. 12, Tue.: Morning flight from Lima to Cusco and then drive to the Urubamba Valley, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, with high peaks of the Andes surrounding it. The Incas’ belief was that the gods lived in these mountains. Check into your charming hotel with its beautiful garden and flowing fountain. Take the rest of the day to relax, acclimate, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. A sumptuous welcome buffet lunch. MANDATORY MEETING afterwards for altitude orientation, introductions of staff and meeting with Gregg Braden.* (Lunch included.)

“Peru – what to say… it was impeccable…Gregg being the most brilliant, kind, generous, wise of any speaker, author…there is on the planet…I just love his work, and I love the wholesomeness of who he is – walking the walk and talking the talk is a rarity often… he seems to do all.. and his generous sharing of the wisdom, his material, his time and energy is astounding…” Chris Hooper

Gregg sharing insights with the group in the Sacred Valley
Gregg sharing insights with the group in the Sacred Valley

Day 3, Apr. 13, Wed.: Morning meeting and seminar with Gregg. Later, for those who wish, hike up into the mountains on a trail to see the majestic mountains and the ancient Incan terraces still being used to this day. Truly, the Apus continues to bless this place of inner peace and nourishment. Or, take the rest of the day to relax, journal or shop.
(Breakfast and lunch included.)

Gregg and a group member engaged in a lively conversation in the Sacred Valley
Gregg and a group member
engaged in a lively conversation
in the Sacred Valley

Day 4, Apr. 14, Thur.: Seminar time with Gregg. Then travel to the ancient Incan village of Chincero, where the terraced farmlands of the Incas are still visible. Chincero was the main population center for the entire Sacred Valley in Incan times and today an active traditional “weaving” center.

The group gathers for a ceremony and meditation with Gregg at mystical Pisac
The group gathers for a ceremony and meditation with Gregg at mystical Pisac

Enjoy a late afternoon hike to a location that Gregg has chosen for a sunset meditation and prayer. This evening a gathering with Gregg followed by a Quechua shaman from up in the mountains doing an ancient Incan ceremony and welcome blessing with the group. (Breakfast included.)

Chincero weaving
Chincero weaving

Ancient symbols in the textiles
Ancient symbols in the textiles
Ollantaytambo-experience the special energies here

Day 5, Apr. 15, Fri.: Meeting and seminar time with Gregg. Today visit the ancient Incan town of Ollantaytambo. This important site is situated at the end of the Sacred Valley in the midst of spectacular mountains, and we will take a while to savor their inner power and majesty.

Ollantaytambo is most famous for six enormous stones, so huge that some say only magical powers could have moved them there. If time allows, you will have the opportunity to shop in the colorful shops and Town Square of present-day Ollantaytambo, which adjoins the ruins of the ancient city. Also, be up close to see first-hand, alpacas, vicunas and llamas at a local textile factory. (Breakfast included.)

Majestic Machu Picchu
“Intihuatana” stone
“Intihuatana” stone

Day 6, Apr. 16, Sat.: Board the first-class tourist train for mystical Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas. It was here that the Incas succeeded in combining the wonders of civilization with those of nature. The sheer beauty of what is considered by some the most dramatic place in the world overwhelms you as you are immediately drawn into its “still alive” mysteries. Following Gregg’s orientation, experience an extensive guided tour.
(Breakfast and dinner included.)

Gregg at Machu Picchu conducting a special teaching
Gregg at Machu Picchu conducting a special teaching

Day 7, Apr. 17, Sun.: This morning enjoy a second visit to Machu Picchu. Afterwards, morning and mid-day free time around Machu Picchu. If you would like to, you may go to the nearby local, rustic hot springs at Aguas Calientes or bathe in the wonderful Vilcanota River, fed by pure mountain springs. Travel back to the Sacred Valley later that day to overnight. (Breakfast included.)

“…Peru was ‘transformational’ for me! The impact emotionally and spiritually of Peru is ‘wordless’ I can describe, its a feeling, a feeling that I often relate too – that I spend so much time in gratitude and wonder for having been able to have the experience…”

Day 8, Apr. 18, Mon.: Meeting with Gregg. Travel to Cusco, elevation 11,400 feet, the “navel of the earth” according to the Incas, their Holy City, and center of the ancient Incan civilization.

Inca bridge whistle
Inca water whistle some say made sacred sounds

Cusco is the oldest inhabited city in the Western hemisphere. When the Spaniards arrived here the beauty of its edifices, surpassing all they had yet seen in the New World, astonished them. Gold in the form of intricate religious symbols and artifacts was seen everywhere. Our stay in Cusco is centrally located, making it easy to enjoy this wonderful town where ancient, original Incan walls and cobblestone streets blend with colonial Spanish architecture.

On the way to Cusco, see the archaeological sites of Tambomachay and Sachsayhuaman. Experience the immense stone ruins of Sachsayhuaman Temple. The cyclopean stones of this temple fit so closely together that one cannot wedge a knife between them. Also visit the very powerful purifying baths of Tambomachay. Enjoy an informative presentation by a local expert on herbs and floral medicinal plants used by the ancient Incas and the Andean people of today. Check into your deluxe hotel for 2 nights. (Breakfast included.)


Day 9, Apr. 19, Tue.:  Morning seminar with Gregg. Enjoy a walking tour to visit the Coricancha, the “enclosure of gold.” Its perfect architecture and stonework reflect the fact that it was the most important, most sacred temple in the entire Incan realm, the sacred hub of the mystical Incan Empire. The essence and feeling of this temple were the heart of this land and is not to be missed. Its Altar of the Sun, the holy of holies of the ancient Incas, still remains. Also, you will have free time today to explore charming Cusco, including wonderful shopping opportunities. (Breakfast included.)

Day 10, Apr. 20, Wed.: Travel to Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, on a modern first-class Swiss tourist train and enjoy spectacular scenery on your way.

Lake Titicaca
Experience mystical Lake Titicaca during your all day experience on this wondrous lake.

Incan legend tells us that children of the Sun, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, emerged in a shower of spray from the deep waters of Lake Titicaca to found the Incan Empire in Cusco, where Manco Capac’s golden staff sank into the ground. Anyone fortunate enough to look upon Lake Titicaca today cannot help but feel the same sense of awe that the ancient Incan peoples had when viewing their sacred lake, their spiritual birthplace. With lofty snow-covered peaks rising above distant shores, the vast blue lake at 12,400 feet elevation presents one of the most breathtaking panoramas of the Andes. The 3,000 square mile lake is located in the “altiplano” which extends for hundreds of miles across Peru and Bolivia. On the grassy plains graze herds of llamas and alpacas, whose fine wool is woven into clothing and sold in the markets of Cusco and all over the Andes. Meeting with Gregg. (Breakfast at hotel, lunch included.)

Gregg and the group having fun on a reed boat ride on magical Lake Titicaca
Gregg and the group having fun on a reed boat ride on magical Lake Titicaca

Day 11, Apr. 21, Thur: Seminar and meeting with Gregg. Later experience a special ancient Incan site. (Breakfast included.)

Day 12, Apr. 22, Fri: Board a modern boat to cruise on spectacular Lake Titicaca. Go to the floating reed islands of the Uros Indians, who created these man-made islands centuries ago to live on to escape the warfare throughout the area.

Hayu Marca
Hayu Marca

Then experience Taquile Island, a remote surviving center of Incan culture. (It is also in this area around Taquile Island that there have been numerous sightings of UFOs, which are sometimes said to immerse themselves deep within the water.) You will enjoy the exhilarating feeling that emanates from this sacred lake. A soothing and nurturing sense envelops people here, which is a wonderful way to culminate this part of your spiritual odyssey. Brief meeting with Gregg. Special final dinner to celebrate! (Breakfast, special native lunch on Tequile Island and celebration dinner included.)

“…Had I gone to Peru on my own, I would not have enjoyed the richness I did with your, Power Places tour guides and Gregg… an amazing package you put together…”

Day 13, Apr. 23, Sat.: Transfer from beautiful Lake Titicaca to Juliaca airport for scheduled flight to Lima to connect to the flight back to the U.S. (Breakfast included.)

Gregg teaches and gives a seminar throughout the program including at the sites!
Gregg teaches and gives a seminar throughout the program including at the sites!

Day 14, Apr. 24, Sun.: Fly from Lima to the U.S., arriving the same day.

Note: Intensive seminars with Gregg Braden will take place throughout this program. Exact times to be announced on site.
Note: Itinerary subject to change. This tour is conducted only in English. Participants must be at least 18 and be familiar with Gregg’s work as all attendees are expected to fully participate in meetings and siteseeing.

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I. WHAT'S INCLUDED: $8,175 per person includes international airfare from Miami, and domestic airfare within Peru, Lima/Cusco/Juliaca/Lima. (International people, please see your special document.) Also included are hotel accommodations beginning April 12th (double occupancy), in deluxe and first class hotels, hotel taxes and service charges, transfers, luggage handling, first class Swiss built train to/from Machu Picchu, and to Lake Titicaca, air-conditioned modern buses, full day boat ride on Lake Titicaca, extensive sightseeing as detailed in the itinerary, metaphysically sensitive English speaking guides, entrance fees to all the sites visited, two entrances into Machu Picchu, full buffet breakfast daily, six lunches or dinners, tour manager from Power Places, DAILY intensive seminar time plus meditations and gatherings at the hotels and on-site with Gregg Braden, plus much more! Price is per person based on two people sharing a room. For a single room, if available, add $1,599.

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