JOIN GREGG in this trip of a lifetime in PERU

“The Mystery and Meaning of Ancient Peru”

June 28 – July 11, 2021
(Sold out in 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020!)

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join with like-minded individuals for this rare experiential journey with Gregg.

An Invitation from GREGG:

"Five thousand years ago the mysterious inhabitants of Peru built the most advanced civilization known in the Western hemisphere until modern times. The ancient Andeans built massive pyramids, complex observatories, grew sustainable sources of food, accomplished sophisticated astronomy, and had a coded information storage system that remained secret until scientists decoded it in the 20th Century.

The legacy of Andean wisdom has opened the door to more questions than it has answered:

The answer to these and similar questions lies in unlocking the secrets they left behind—the secret of fast-growing, high yield and sustainable crops, the use of minerals, rare herbs and heart-based emotion for advanced healing of the body, the keys to 100-plus-year-long human life spans, and much more!

It’s impossible to solve the enigma of the ancient Andes through the eyes of traditional history. The only way to make sense of what scientists call ‘the Andean mystery’ is to think about ourselves differently than we have since the birth of science three centuries ago. We must cross the traditional boundaries that separate science, religion, spirituality and history, and marry these many ways of knowing into a single new wisdom. When we do, something remarkable happens!"

Highlights: This will be a relatively small group experience with Gregg as he usually presents in front of 200-1000 plus people. In addition there will be an ongoing intensive seminar, workshop and meditations with Gregg, including at Machu Picchu, sacred sites and at the hotels, experiential site-seeing at remarkable ancient Incan temples with Gregg, the companionship and comraderie of like-minded seekers from around the world, plus much more.